John C

Email: jc at gmail dot com

Position: Lab Alumni

Office: 210E Barker Hall

About Me: I have worked as a research assistant for Avgusta Shestyuk since February 2010. Our project investigates the influence of affective linguistic tasks on high gamma waves. In addition, I assist post-doctoral fellow Ingrid Nieuwenhuis with EEG data acquisition and analysis in Matthew Walker's Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory where we are exploring the dynamics of memory reactivation and sleep. In December 2011, I completed an internship at the Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute in the PART program which researches the prodromes of psychosis. In May 2011, I graduated with a BA in Cognitive Science with a concentration in cognitive psychology. I presented an abstract at the 2012 Society for Neuroscience conference on the dynamics of gamma power and working memory. I intend to apply to graduate school in neuroscience this fall.