Stephanie Ries

Web Page:

Email: stephanie dot ries at berkeley dot edu

Phone: 510-643-9744

Position: Fellow

Office: 210C Barker Hall

About Me: I am interested in understanding how we choose words as we speak. Language has generally been studied in isolation from other cognitive functions. However, a growing body of evidence suggests language production relies on cognitive control processes common to speech and other actions. During my PhD (obtained at Aix-Marseille University, France), I studied the brain dynamics of language production in comparison to other functions using electrophysiology (EEG and EMG) in healthy speakers. I focused on lexical selection and monitoring processes. As part of the Knight lab, I am investigating brain dynamics of lexical selection and how it interacts with cognitive control and recollection from memory in brain-lesioned patients and in epileptic patients in which intra-cerebral EEG is recorded. For more information about me and a complete list of publications, please visit my webpage:

Publications with the Knight Lab:

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