Brian Pasley

Email: bpasley at berkeley dot edu

Phone: 510-643-9744

Position: Fellow

Office: 210D Barker Hall

Publications with the Knight Lab:

Brian Pasley, Stephen V. David, Nima Mesgarani, Adeen Flinker, Shihab A. Shamma, Nathan E. Crone, Robert T. Knight, Edward F. Chang, Reconstructing Speech from Human Auditory Cortex Journal: PLoS Biology, 2012.

Brian Pasley, Elena A. Allen, Ralph D. Freeman, State-dependent variability of neuronal responses to transcranial magnetic stimulation of the visual cortex Journal: Neuron, 2009.

Brian Pasley, Ralph D. Freeman, Neurovascular Coupling Journal: Scholarpedia, 2008.

Brian Pasley, Elena A. Allen, T. Duong, Ralph D. Freeman, Transcranial magnetic stimulation elicits coupled neural and hemodynamic consequences Journal: Science, 2007.

Brian Pasley, B. A. Inglis, Ralph D. Freeman, Analysis of oxygen metabolism implies a neural origin for the negative BOLD response in human visual cortex Journal: Neuroimage, 2007.

Brian Pasley, L. C. Mayes, R. T. Schultz, Subcortical discrimination of unperceived objects during binocular rivalry Journal: Neuron, 2004.