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Recent Publications

Elizabeth L. Johnson, Robert T. Knight, Intracranial recordings and human memory Journal: Current Opinions in Neurobiology, 2015

Adeen Flinker, Anna Korzeniewska, Avgusta Shestyuk, Piotr Franaszczuk, Nina F. Dronkers, Robert T. Knight, Nathan E. Crone, Redefining the role of Broca’s area in speech Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 2015

Catherine M. Sweeney-Reed, Tino Zaehle, Jürgen Voges, Friedhelm Schmitt, Lars Buentjen, Klaus Kopitzki, Christine Esslinger, Hermann Hinrichs, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Robert T. Knight, Alan Richardson-Klavehn, Corticothalamic phase synchrony and cross-frequency coupling predict human memory formation Journal: eLife, 2014

Stephanie Ries, Ian Greenhouse, Nina F. Dronkers, Kathleen Y. Haaland, Robert T. Knight, Double Dissociation of the roles of the left and right prefrontal cortices in anticipatory regulation of action Journal: Neuropsychologia., 2014

Sara Szczepanski, Robert T. Knight, Insights into human behavior from lesions to prefrontal cortex Journal: Neuron, 2014

Lusha Zhu, Adrianna C. Jenkins, Eric Set, Robert T. Knight, Pearl H. Chiu, B.R. King-Casas, Ming Hsu, Damage to dorsolateral prefrontal cortex diminishes the impact of honesty motives on altruistic giving Journal: Nature Neuroscience, 2014

Sara Szczepanski, Nathan E. Crone, Rachel A. Kuperman, Kurtis I. Auguste, Josef Parvizi, Robert T. Knight, Dynamic changes in phase-amplitude coupling facilitate spatial attention control in fronto-parietal cortex Journal: PLoS Biology, 2014

Robert T. Knight, Kaisa M. Hartikainen, Keith H. Ogawa, Natasha Pickard, Anne-Kristin Solbakk, Verónica Mäki-Marttu, Low attentional engagement makes attention network activity susceptible to emotional interference Journal: Neuroreport, 2014

Anne-Kristin Solbakk, Ingrid Funderud, Tor Endestad, Torstein Meling, Magnus Lindgren, Robert T. Knight, Ulrike M. Krämer, Impact of orbitofrontal lesions on electrophysiological signals in a stop signal task Journal: Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2014

Aurélie Bidet-Caulet, K. Buchanan, H. Viswanath, Jessica Black, Frederique Bonnet-Brilhault, Robert T. Knight, Impaired facilitatory mechanisms of auditory selective attention after damage of the lateral prefrontal cortex Journal: Cerebral Cortex, 2014

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